Tired, I pound the stairs to the attic, fight through a forest of toys and old clothes until I stand in front of a huge white wardrobe. The door opens with a loud squeaking that shakes me to the core. Barely opened, I am greeted by a scent of seawater and campfire. Slowly my eyes sink to the contents of the wardrobe; Backpacks, mattresses, sleeping bags, stoves and our sporks. Suddenly, my fatigue is blown away, excitement and anticipation are spreading and the desire for an adventure grows inside of me.

We thought long and hard about where we want to carry our backpacks next time. It was clear that we want to discover a new culture and that free camping must be allowed. There were a surprising number of options left open and we could not decide. On an ordinary Tuesday evening when Jan and I were once again in front of the computer to check flights, we found such a cheap offer for Japan that we just booked. Booking is so easy, a click and you’re flying halfway around the world. But what are we doing in this land called Japan and what will we find there. We will now start to gather our finds, our plans and our preparations to discover Japan.

Now I stand in front of our closet with the smell of memories ready to create new memories once again – in Japan.